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Antonio Blay

Antonio Blay was born in Barcelona, 1924 and die in the same city in 1985. From an early stage in his life as a young man, he was very interested in the perspective of life in the East and was concerned to shape it as something that could be useful for our western mentality.  However, for Blay this was not just an intellectual task but also the result of his own personal experience which that lead him in a personal journey to same center of reality. From there, nothing holds secrets, everything is clarity and goodness, and he was able to transmit that evidence and goodness inviting each and every one to make their own journey. The meaning of existence was for him the discovery of the reality that we are.

The path he indicated was to become one self more and more, without beliefs that hadn’t been confirmed personally, without recipes to elude difficulties, just using our life as a school and problems as an encouragement to discover our essential nature.

It was not about going around things over and over but about looking to them with enough intensity and deepness to understand the meaning they had and the role they play in our evolution. To look with interest to see and to understand, develops a central position of security, openness and equilibrium that allows a total freedom.

Blay was a living reflection of this freedom, strength and serenity. But the most extraordinaire was that he kept, at the same time, a common man’s appearance, a man like any other, who had realized what we all are.

In this position he was able to trust his own possibilities. If he had been able to achieve that, so would you.

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