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Birth and goals

ADCA is born because a group of people really want to share a kind of inner work that has as its goal the complete self-realization for people. This work will be devoted not only to reveal their essential truth but also the meaning, the joy and the inner confidence that implies living the daily routine through it.

This line of inner work is based on Antonio Blay’s teachings, is systematized by Jordi Sapés de Lema who has developed a structured and progressive method with theoretical writings and practical exercises. There is a strong emphasis on the practice. It allows any person interested in following this path  to do it from the very first day in an experimental way.

The people fostering ADCA have been in this inner path for several years. Through this webpage and the activities promoted there, we wont to share this experience and provide an easy contact to any person willing to acquire a deeper self knowledge and a full balanced development of their existence.