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Jordi Sapés

Jordi Sapés

He was born on the 18th of February 1951. He graduated in Political Sciences, Economy and Business at the University of Barcelona (1974). He obteins  the higher   grade of violin at the Conservatorio de Musica de Barcelona (1969). Economist concerned with the systematization of business management combines his professional job with his involvement in the cultural world. In 1976, he becomes a member of the International Committee for the encouragement of Music in young people. (Comité Internacional de Animación Cultural de Juventudes Musicales), site in Brussels. Here he designs and disseminates along with young musicians and education professionals a program of musical pedagogy for children.

In 1980 meets Antonio Blay and becomes his pupil until Blay’s death, from here he feels the need to carry through his teachings, trying to avoid making out of them a sheer ideology. His personal experience revolves around an inner struggle to overcome duality: a sort of inner division in which the experience of living the superior seems often incompatible with the dynamics of the ordinary world. This inner struggle leads him to emphasize the need of approaching the spiritual job as something practical, deeply insert in the daily life.

From 1990 he leads groups of personal development, using some of G.I. Gurdjieff’s outlines as auxiliary tools to a methodic and continuous observation of personality. This experience gets structure until it becomes a practical system of self-observation and development of consciousness that he is presently teaching and expanding. From 1997 he is devoted entirely to this activity.

In February 2007, he participated as speaker in the Seminar on Antonio Blay that was held in Barcelona.

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