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Talk. The character

Talk. The character

The character, similar to ego in concept, is one of the key contributions in Blay’s line of work. The way Blay deals with it is one of the most valuable contributions than have being made to human development. According to Blay, the character is not something that should be endured, as a weight for everyone to be burdened with for life, but by the nature of its own artificiality, it can be eliminated, transcended and substituted by a more real and full experience of human essential capacities.

In this talk, the familiar and social dynamics that are its cause and origin are exposed in detail, as well as the terrible consequences that come about for the person that interprets reality according to these presumptions.

A detailed vision of this mental pattern, allows us to introduce the practical work that will give the clues to recognize it as wrong and dissolve it, a crucial step in the search of alternatives for a life in accordance with our essential reality.

El Personaje


1.-Conceptual beginning frame
The triple quality of human nature
The essential and existential reality of human being

2.- Genesis of the character
The existential reality in early childhood
The model’s transmission. The adaptation to model requirements

3.-The Character :a wrong  and artificial structure
The character as a result of fears and desires. I-Idea and I-Ideal
Life from the character perspective.

4.- Towards the overcoming of the character.
The event’s exercise, as an X-ray of each particular character.
A real alternative. The I experience.
The way to the expression of our essential reality.


Jordi Sapés de Lema.


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