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Talk about higher levels of consciousness

Talk about higher levels of consciousness 

The access to a higher levels of consciousness, to experience them, and the possibility of making of them become  functional in daily life is always being presented as something  far away from common people and reserved only for a minority of mystics or illuminated.

Nevertheless, Antonio Blay treats this subject as something natural due to his own personal experience and so, he  was able to present it as a  practical, close, accessible matter to whomever wants to walk in the self-realization path.

We will begin this workshop with the existential reality of humanity, the I-experience concept, to be able to deepen in its essential capacities until reaching the origin, that is beyond our individual way of life We will explore how the same reality can be seeing as very different depending on the consciousness   level you are in, and we will explain the way to reach a higher vision of existence.

Conference’s Program about Higher Levels of Consciousness

1.- The actual state of consciousness
Consciousness of Character
Consciousness of the I-experience
Consciousness of the essential capacities oh human being

2.- From I-experience to I-essential
The origin of these capacities. The I-essential
Centering.  A first contact towards the  I-essential 
I-Essential, experience.  Deep down and higher levels of consciousness. 

3.-Higher levels of consciousness
The existential reality from the point of view of higher levels of consciousness
Transcending: towards the supreme source
Contacting with and living in higher levels of consciousness
Intuition, prayer
The self-realization as a final step


Jordi Sapés de Lema.


150 euros (traveling and boarding feeds will change according to location)


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