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Mª Pilar de Moreta

Mª Pilar de Moreta

Maria Pilar de Moreta was born on the 6th of September 1959.  She graduated at the Nursing School for   La Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona in1975. That same year, she starts to work for he “Institut Catala de la Salut”.  She has a long experience in hospital medicine at the Hospital Valle de Hebron and family medicine at the CAP de Barbera del Valles. She has also done some teaching for Nursing under-graduates at the Hospital de San Pablo and Cruz Roja

She meets Antonio Blay in 1981 and since then, she has been following his teachings deepening in the field of consciousness.  In 1990 she is diagnosed with fibromyalgia by Dr. Jaume Rotés. These experiences combined have allowed her to develop a technique that using the inner force of each one, results in an improvement in the health of the body and also in social relationships.

She has taking part in numerous national conferences:

Nursing National Conference: Valencia 2004, Oviedo 2009, Barcelona 2011

Conference of Rheumatology: Tarragona 2010 presenting her works in Group Therapy with Fibromyalgia Patients.

Speaker in Conference about Spirituality and Holistic Health in Avila Mystic University

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