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Theme Talks


ADCA also offers theme talks about fundamental approaches in its work line to all the people, associations or forums who may be interested in knowing its theoretical approach as well as the daily life praxis.

The frameworks for these presentations are Antonio Blay’s teachings in order to present them in a simple and useful manner for whoever likes to apply them following the Association guidelines. This practical and useful orientation, that has an impact in everyone’s daily problems, gets enriched with the practical exercises that makes it possible to express concepts that would have remain as ideals if they were to be presented in some other way.

Each of these conferences has its own conceptual content but also as a group, they offer a natural continuity by exposing in a gradual way the three levels of consciousness in human beings: the level of consciousness of the character, the one of the I-Experience, the one of personality and finally,  the impersonality that gives access to the higher levels of consciousness. In this way, the three conferences can be presented as an integral trilogy that addresses the full path of human consciousness.

1.- Talk about the character

2.- Talk about the I-Experience

3.- Talk  about higher levels of consciousness