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What’s the Work?

línea de trabajo Antonio Blay

1.- Basic concepts

This Work pretends to restaure the human being to their natural state of consciousness. The state that allows them exercise their essential nature: capability of seeing ( INTELIGENCE), capability of loving (LOVE) and capability of doing (ENERGY)

These capabilities were fully exercised when we were in small children, but soon were forgotten due to a rigid education that meant to turn us into powerful people of social prestige, everything that our parents had projected on to us. We had to get rid of our spontaneity and our particular way of being and turn into the project of becoming someone. A project that has kept us tangled in a net of obligations, responsibilities, fears and anxieties because of not having reached the expected position or recognition.

Basically, the Work intends to show this fact and help us to rediscover our personal reality, the one that allows us to become the protagonist character of our existence and to live our own story instead of behaving like characters in a fiction story that only generates frustration and disappointment

What is genuine and specific about Antonio Blay’s line is the statement that the ego o the character is an anomaly artificially induced in our minds when we were children and that as it is artificial it can be made more objective and eventually eliminated. The Work we offer takes you directly to this goal: to be yourself again; and then the development of the conscience as a result of a  first-hand life experience 

2.- Sources and basics of the Work

For those willing to undertake this task we present an organised, perfectly structured system resulting from the  extensive work  carried out by Jordi Sapes for more than thirty years based, one the one hand, on Antonio Blay’s teachings and on the other , on his own personal experience and those of other people who have accompanied him in the last years.

The dynamic offered is clearly oriented towards the practicalities of everyday life. After assimilating a few basic principles given in a presentation over the weekend, we go directly to the exercises carried out in our daily lives. This gives us an enhanced point of view of our own reality. The exercises are assessed via email with tutors accredited and recommended by ADCA. It is a flexible way of communication that provides a fast and individual response and able to sustain and encourage a measurable progress.

This exchange , usually on a weeky basis, is supplemented with a few workshps or seminars where some specific aspects  are studied deeply or new work process are presented which will be followed afterwars individually  .

Our goals are ambitious and need some kind dedication, but they are devised to be compatible with the family, work or social responsibilities of an average person. However, we need to be determined to fulfil these objectives and put some effort and commitment. So it is not so much about having a lot of free time but about being willing to live more awake and more conscious.

All in all, we offer a real alternative, practical, useful and measurable to find out what we really are that enables us to decide what is our role in the world.